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I founded The Urban Ambassador® program in 2010 to deliver the highest quality real estate services to buyers and sellers of luxury condominums in San Francisco. The purchase or sale of a luxury condominium is highly specialized, with many nuances that should be studied and researched on a daily basis.

What is an Urban Ambassador®? An Urban Ambassador is a highly trained, seasoned real estate professional who is dedicated and committed to delivering excellent real estate services within the luxury urban marketplace. Your Urban Ambassador has been selected by various high-profile condominium developers to represent their buildings to the most discriminating clientele. These developers meet with your Ambassador on a weekly basis to give them up-to-the-minute reports on new opportunities and the “inside track” to homes in their respective buildings. In addition, an Urban Ambassador receives ongoing training and support from their developers regarding purchase agreements and homeowners documentation. You simply won’t find a better advocate than a Certified Urban Ambassador.


Green Carpet Limo

We believe luxury real estate services that transcend the value of the real estate being sold or purchased. We strive every day will to delight our clients with new and innovative strategies to improve the quality of their lives.

We won’t drive you crazy, we drive you home! As part of our VIP program, you will have the benefit of looking for your new home while being chauffeured by San Francisco’s premier green limousine company, Green Carpet Limo. On average, our clients see 65% more homes on an average Open House Tour…and with much less stress!

Erin Shields is the owner of this special company-please tell her Don sent you!